18.12.2014 / 11:49 uur
Snappost beeld

Tinc introduces #Snappost

From now on, you’re able to post something on Facebook a little different! Some posts are nice to share briefly with your friends, but don’t have to stay visible on your personal Facebook wall forever. Amsterdam based agency Tinc PR & Events introduces: The Snap post. This is how it works: Share a regular post [...]

03.12.2014 / 02:35 uur
Bijbehorend beeld Dyane

A taste of.. fashion stylist Dyane

Tinc can proudly announce that international Fashion Stylist Dyane has come to magnify the Tinc team! Dyane Negreiros is Portuguese from origin and left her sunny career behind for a new challenge in The Netherlands. Through this ‘ Tinc’s taste of..’ we would like to introduce you to the creative and hardworking young woman that [...]

25.11.2014 / 04:54 uur

A taste of.. PAAR

Keeping up with the incredible handsome couple Pascal & Arno is quite a task. The fast moving pair was individually introduced to the fashion industry working as models. Nowadays, they own their own company called PAAR, a full-service visual communication agency. They cover complete fashion campaigns or just parts of it. Even though both men [...]

13.11.2014 / 09:00 uur
Bijbehorende foto Lotte Rensen

A taste of.. Lotte Rensen

A taste of.. Lotte Rensen In 2011, Lotte decided that it was time for young and ambitious women to help each other to achieve their goals in life, so therefore she’s organized a network meet-up. With partner in crime Benthe Boersma she added four other members to their team.  Nowadays, their events take place every [...]



‘‘Tinc is full of positive energy, as am I. Let’s use this energy to make loyal friends for your brands!’’



‘‘Being Tinc inspires to create, to Tinc BIG, to work and to play, to maximize the day. Being Tinc is awesome!’’



‘‘Surfing is what I do best, whether in the ocean or the creation of news waves for clients. I ride from headline to headline!’’


‘Passionate and forward-thinking, the Tinc team anticipates on the future needs of our brand. They truly understand what a (start-up) brand needs and have a thorough understanding of the fashion & lifestyle industry. Tinc PR is the best brand endorser one could have!’

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