01.10.2014 / 08:08 uur
NFF Gouden kalf

Sarah Vollmer about the Dutch Film Festival 2014

Sorry, this entry is only available in Nederlands.

29.09.2014 / 07:43 uur

5 questions for the Tinc intern

Tinc’s intern Manon has survived her first month at the office. Here are 5 questions to see how she’s doing What are your goals today? Haha finishing my deadlines;-) And of course enjoying today, the time flies by here at the office! You have such a pretty bag, but what’s in it? Good question. I always carry [...]

23.09.2014 / 12:25 uur
Bijbehorende foto interview Marloes Unseen Photo Fair

Unseen Photo Fair 2014

Last week, the third edition of the Unseen Photo Fair took place in Amsterdam. 53 galleries participated and 60 artists showed new work that was, until then, unseen. Yesterday was the last day of the Fair and we’re delighted that board member and director of Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam Marloes Krijnen  could take some time for [...]

10.07.2014 / 01:05 uur

10 Years Tinc

2014 is a special year for Tinc! As we are halfway through this year of making friends and activating brands, we celebrate our 10 years anniversary! Time to look back at 10 years Tinc with an amazing video that captures our favorite projects and kick-ass campaigns!



‘‘Tinc is full of positive energy, as am I. Let’s use this energy to make loyal friends for your brands!’’



‘‘Being Tinc inspires to create, to Tinc BIG, to work and to play, to maximize the day. Being Tinc is awesome!’’



‘‘Surfing is what I do best, whether in the ocean or the creation of news waves for clients. I ride from headline to headline!’’


‘Passionate and forward-thinking, the Tinc team anticipates on the future needs of our brand. They truly understand what a (start-up) brand needs and have a thorough understanding of the fashion & lifestyle industry. Tinc PR is the best brand endorser one could have!’

PIOGG – Daphne Gerritse