26.02.2015 / 08:00 uur
Bijbehorend Beeld Vivian Cardoso

A taste of.. Vivian Cardoso

After graduating at Lucia Marthas Dance/ Singing Academy, Vivian Cardoso worked and played hard to become a professional dancer. And it showed off: she made it to the finals of 2012’s So You Think You Can Dance! People might know her from her stunning dancing skills but in the new feel-good theatre show Unforgettable –premiering [...]

20.02.2015 / 10:02 uur
Bijbehorend beeld Chiel Harten

A taste of.. Chiel Harten-Torrés

Tinc can proudly introduce its newest catch: Chiel Harten-Torrés! A few years ago, Chiel started his own company in real estate UwVastgoedstylist and became trend watcher for Lourens Magazine. Soon the world of showbiz also started to get to know this cheerful, handsome Brazilian man. With his own new program on OUTtv he has a [...]

12.02.2015 / 07:00 uur
Bijbehorend beeld Quinten

A taste of.. Quinten Rutgers

Musician, hairdresser & model in one. What more could a woman ask for? Quinten Rutgers seems to do just everything he loves and does it with passion. With a voice like a rough diamond and his guitar in his hands he swept the Tinc team away during their Christmas party. It’s time to get to [...]

03.02.2015 / 08:01 uur
Bijbehorend beeld Tjeerd Braat

A taste of.. Tjeerd Braat

If you see a man jumping around with a cap on his head, tattoos on his arms and a video camera in his hand, the chance is quite big that it’s Tjeerd Braat! This creative man sees opportunities everywhere and before he even graduated from the Media College, he started his own production company Just [...]



‘‘Tinc is full of positive energy, as am I. Let’s use this energy to make loyal friends for your brands!’’



‘‘Being Tinc inspires to create, to Tinc BIG, to work and to play, to maximize the day. Being Tinc is awesome!’’



‘‘Surfing is what I do best, whether in the ocean or the creation of news waves for clients. I ride from headline to headline!’’


‘Passionate and forward-thinking, the Tinc team anticipates on the future needs of our brand. They truly understand what a (start-up) brand needs and have a thorough understanding of the fashion & lifestyle industry. Tinc PR is the best brand endorser one could have!’

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