25.01.2015 / 02:47 uur
Bijbehorend beeld Jytte

A taste of.. Jytte Hoeven

Tall, slim and gorgeous; this ginger beauty is hard to miss. But Jytte Hoeven is more than just a pretty face; while she was working as a model, her boyfriend introduced her to the world of eyes. How they’re taken care of, pampered, supported and protected. But most important, how they’re dressed with the most [...]

19.01.2015 / 03:59 uur
Bijbehorend beeld Robbie Baauw

A taste of.. Robbie Baauw

One needs a keen eye for detail to run a successful agency that provides real good creative nightlife entertainment. Robbie Baauw, founder and co-owner of Amazing agency certainly has! With a group of nightlife-enjoying friends he decided to make a business out of the scene they love so much. DJ’s, photographers and all kind of [...]

13.01.2015 / 09:08 uur

A taste of.. Ramses Jedeloo

Do you think of sweat, tears and aching muscles when you hear the words The Bootcamp Club? You’re not the only one! But Ramses Jedeloo knows that hard work leads to good results. He takes challenges with both hands and seems to be used to learn along the way. With several chief-editor and managing director [...]

07.01.2015 / 03:54 uur
Dennis Buist beeld

A taste of.. Dennis Buist

Dutch models are internationally known for their intelligent and entrepreneurial attitude, Dennis Buist, model and owner of The Modelmakers is a great example of that! Dennis got scouted as a model in 2006 when he was shopping with his mom. After finishing two studies and countless modelling jobs, he wanted to help young models with [...]



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