25.03.2015 / 11:00 uur
Bijbehorend beeld Carolien Spoor

A taste of.. Carolien Spoor

Carolien Spoor, a great actress with a big passion for fashion. From next week on, you’ll see Carolien in the brand new Dutch TV series Zwarte Tulp wherein she plays the role of the good looking beautician Kat. Time to get to know this cheerful woman a little better! One year ago, Jon proposed to [...]

22.03.2015 / 01:19 uur

Tinc takes on management of Chiel Harten

Great news! From now on, we’re taking on the management of stylist, presenter and reality star Chiel Harten! You might know Chiel from his reality show Buitengewoon Chiel on OUTtv. Doesn’t ring a bell? No problem, because with our help, you’ll be seeing a lot of Chiel this year! Tinc is responsible for the bookings, [...]

19.03.2015 / 08:00 uur
Bijbehorend beeld Sophia Tienstra

A taste of.. Sophia Tienstra

Sophia Tienstra, the beauty and the brains behind and 101 Media Strategies, bubbles over with excitement! Sophia has this progressive thinking that we love: she just goes for it without hesitation. Despite her busy work life, she was able to make some time for this ‘Tinc’s taste of..’ wherein we talk about her online [...]

12.03.2015 / 09:52 uur
Bijbehorend Beeld Britt

5 Questions for the Tinc intern

Tinc’s intern Britt has survived her first month at the Tinc office. Here are 5 questions to see what’s on this ladies mind lately. Now that you’re hopping around at the Tinc office already for a month, what will you never forget in your daily routine work-wise? First things first; checking all social media channels [...]



‘‘Tinc is full of positive energy, as am I. Let’s use this energy to make loyal friends for your brands!’’



‘‘Being Tinc inspires to create, to Tinc BIG, to work and to play, to maximize the day. Being Tinc is awesome!’’



‘‘Surfing is what I do best, whether in the ocean or the creation of news waves for clients. I ride from headline to headline!’’


‘Passionate and forward-thinking, the Tinc team anticipates on the future needs of our brand. They truly understand what a (start-up) brand needs and have a thorough understanding of the fashion & lifestyle industry. Tinc PR is the best brand endorser one could have!’

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